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Early Years Foundation Stages

Bolanle - "this course has called my attention on how to deal with the children and understand the different needs in the class. I am glad that I am a part of this training, it is loaded"

Rebekah - "the training was an eye-opener and educating. I found most useful the training on making learning more fun and observing every childs' uniqueness"

Oluwatoyin - "I will recommend this kind of workshops for all elementary schools especially the Creating an Outstanding Classroom Environment and the principles".

Edith - "discussions on meeting the indoor experiences of the child, producing a very good enabling classroom and a warm and creative environment stood out for me. It was a wonderful conference, please keep it up and advance regularly"

Iyioluwa - "this course has reminded me again to pay more attention to the childrens' ideas and comments in order to meet their learning needs and extend their thinking/concentration. This is a well packaged training/seminar and I enjoyed every bit of it"

Teaching with Technologies

Christy - "it opened my eyes to how to best use technology to engage pupils more actively in each lesson"

Victoria - "it was really fun and detailed. I also enjoyed the opportunity to  discuss, think about ideas and share with our partners". 

Esther - "it will have a great deal of impact on my practice enhancing it and making the children better learners".

Montessori Overview

Toyin - " the training will help me encourage individual differences and acknowledge that each stage of life is different"

Folayinka - "well planned, equipped and informative training"

Nancy - "this training will help me further understand how to create a condusive learning environment especially for children 0 to 6 years".

Inspirational Mathematics 

Lovina - "we must not set children up to fail but to pass. If a child is not talking, it means the teacher has not given them the opportunity" It was an educative and interactive session, thank you.

Aderonke - "the training was indeed an eye-opener. The Chunking method for teaching division was great"

Adeniyi - "the training I have received will help increase the pupils interest in Maths as a result make them more critical and analytical in their thinking

Faith - "the lesson today has broadened my perspective in teaching Maths. Ihave learnt the importance of using Maths strategies instead of methods alone."

Osaro - " I would love this kind of training to continue"