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Oakleigh Schools (NIG.) Limited is the umbrella organisation for Oakleigh Education, Inspirational Teachers Network and The Inspirational Teachers Online School. We are an accredited Continued Professional Development (CPD) Provider registered with the CPD Accreditation Group UK.

Oakleigh Schools provides pedagogical training, coaching and mentoring interventions as well as whole school organisational support towards the development of teachers and schools within the Pre-primary and Primary sectors of education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oakleigh Education is the answer to the many enquiries from educators based in Africa for help to develop creative curriculum, resources and provide high standards of teacher training. With an overarching vision to Foster Excellence  in the teaching profession in Africa, Oakleigh Education is integral for building inclusive and equitable quality education whilst promoting lifelong learning opportunities. We aim  to provide cost effective and exceptional regeneration to the basic education infrastructure in Africa and this is achieved through international knowledge and skill transfer as well as technical expertise and capacity building. We have a pool of highly experienced educationist providing practical, interactive training, coaching and mentoring of educational personnel and stakeholders.

We provide schools in Nigeria with compliant, fully qualified and experienced teachers and support staff. We believe in offering a quality and ethical service to both our teachers and our schools to support excellent educational environments. 
Significantly, as a UK Registered CPD Provider, we will soon be offering overseas teachers the assistance in securing a wide variety of education roles in Primary, Secondary and SEND schools across the UK.

The Creative Writers Academy  provides an avenue where intelligence, creativity and discipline can be combined to enhance and cultivate reading and writing skills of children. The Academy aims to provide an educational environment where members develop great potential and abilities in reading and creative writing.

Oakleigh Camps is an initiative of Oakleigh Education designed to inspire creativity in children from the ages of 5 to 14 years  through fun-filled, affordable, recreation and educational camps.

Our Inspirational Teacher Network (ITN)  emerged from Oakleigh Educations'  desire to proactively contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4.C for education geared " to substantially increase the supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for teacher training in developing countries by 2030".
Through the Network, every member enjoys enhanced professional training whilst participating in discussions towards collaboration and sharing good practice. The Network facilitates the development of creative thinking, visual and verbal literacy, teaching and research skills towards excellence in practice. Our flagship Inspirational Teacher Conferences provide the ideal forum for Continued Professional Development, Attitudinal Change and Good Practice Sharing among teachers in Africa.

The Inspirational Teacher Online School provides  amazing online courses for teachers who want to develop professionally and make a distinct difference in the educational sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our online courses are a convenient way to develop  at your own pace. Our driving force is that Knowledge is Power and we aim therefore to deliver  contemporary and innovative training geared at empowering and upgrading skills for improved standards of professional practice and confidence towards raising the attainment and achievement of pupils.